Okay, I want to make a normal minecraft server. I do not want to get into Vanilla servers, Hamachi, or Bukkits, because I don't know what the hell it is or how to even make one. If someone could really go indepth with me and tell me to make one thats fine, but I just really want to set a spawn point in my server and be able to use commands in game. So, I already have the Essentials Core mod, and the Essentials Extra and put them in my minecraft.jar archive, deleted META-INF and still none of the commands work on the website. I know how to give myself stuff and kick, or ban, or even op, but the commands dont even work if i op myself. I already did a couple of times, and my name IS on that ops txt file. I was wondering where is the players.txt file and the admins.txt file so I could ADD MY name is there, maybe. So if im missing out on something, please tell me bcuz I really want to be able to set my own spawn points, and be able to give myself stuff INGAME (idk if thats possible, but spawn points for sure(when ppl enter server)). Thank you.