Neoncraft is an amazing server which tries to capture the true survival feeling with a few tweekes like PVP, Factions, IConemy, Endermen no pickup and so much more! Now IConemy if your not farmilliar with is a plugin which enables shop and stores in our server, PVP is basic just player. Vs player, endermen no pickup makes endermen not pickup blocks so you dont have to fix your castle every 2 seconds and factions enables clans and terratories to our server, you can also ally other factions and raid them and be their enemie. Neoncraft is an amazing sevrer with a lot of potential. But this server isnt cheap, we are always looking for fresh donator who will get amazing ranks like VIP or SVIP for prices to $15! Donate at our website! Neon, Neon!
Server IP:
Facebook: http://www.facebook....34391525?ref=ts
P.S: Enjoy Neoncraft! Neon, Neon