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Thread: How to install ModLoader (Windows

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    Post How to install ModLoader (Windows

    Here is a quick tutorial on how to install ModLoader:

    1) Download ModLoader here.
    You will also need WinRar which can be found here.
    2) Once you have downloaded ModLoader (and you have WinRar) extract the files downloaded to your desktop.
    3) Type in %appdata% in the search from your menu (a folder called Roaming should pop up)
    4) In the Roaming folder there will be a folder called .minecraft. Open this folder and inside will be another folder called bin.
    In this bin folder is a file called minecraft.jar. Open this file with WinRar.
    5) Once you have opened the minecraft.jar there is a folder called META-INF. Delete this folder.
    6) Now thats done, simply drag and drop the ModLoader files into the minecraft.jar

    And your done!

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    This is a good tutorial, but you should link to the original forum post instead of adfly. The download link will change later, but the tutorial instructions won't.

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