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Thread: Okay Curse....

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    Okay Curse....

    Someone sent me the following email:

    On Facebook, the official Minecraft Forums posted a hate-message against you and another site. Just thought you should know. Tried to defend you.
    Of course I was shocked because why would another forum try to attack our site. I didn't believe it but I checked anyway and this is what was posted.

    Now this fanpage is for which is owned and operated by Curse. So it has been said for quite some time that the official forum for Minecraft is Apparently Curse made a deal with Mojang at some point and things are how they are.

    Now just to clarify what are the differences between and Curse (

    We aren't a business. This site is owned by 2 people who accept donations for higher powered server abilities and we pay for hosting with those donations and the revenue we make from the ads at the top and bottom of this page.

    Curse on the other hand runs multiple forums and wikis and has their ads plastered all over the place. Many of these sites are very popular on the internet so they make thousands and possibly tens of thousands a day.

    So why would Curse come after a small community so harshly on their fanpage and incite users to potentially cause damage? Who knows. Maybe they only made 8 thousand dollars yesterday instead of their typical quota of 10k.

    Maybe it is time for the Minecraft community to reassess where they want to have Minecraft discussions. We all loved the fact that indie developers made one of the greatest games of all time(Minecraft - duh!) so why stop the indie growth? Why is a community that supports independent developers and games so quick to support a company who got into the gaming business at first maybe for good reasons but now perhaps profit. Maybe they really are a decent company and will release an apology. I guess we will have to wait and see.

    Remember one thing though... we are not going away and we are one of the best Minecraft communities on the web. Need a server to play on? or Have a skin or a texture pack you want to show off? We have sections for that too. If you aren't registered here go ahead and say hello! See you in chat and on the server!

    Click here to read up on how well Curse sells you.

    Another Edit:
    The CEO of Curse
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    Respect other users on the forum.
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    how cute, they are scared of us because we're better.

    **** you Curse Network! lol

    we're from the internet and run these here nets. We aint going anywhere.

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